Exploring the Hidden Gems of VISA FREE Rwanda

Rwanda is a country filled with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From its breathtaking landscapes to its diverse wildlife and rich cultural heritage, Rwanda offers an unforgettable travel experience for all who visit.

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Rwanda, located in East Africa, is often referred to as the “Land of a Thousand Hills” and is a country filled with hidden gems that are waiting to be explored. From its stunning landscapes to its diverse wildlife and rich cultural heritage, Rwanda has something to offer every type of traveler.

Well, this article is not about the geography of Rwanda but practical experience on enjoying a visit in Rwanda.

For those who wish to explore tourists destinations, Rwanda is one of the countries one should seriously consider when making travel decisions. In fact, visiting Rwanda helps to build travel history, thereby making it relatively easy to get visas and entry into other countries.

Rwanda is Visa for all African Countries. This is superb!

So lets delve into the experience of traveling to Rwanda.


Travelling to Rwanda unlike many other Visa free or Visa on Arrival Countries is easy and straightforward.

1. Book a flight from your Country to Rwanda. You can purchase flight ticket directly from Airlines or 3rd Parties.

2. Book a Hotel or Airbnb Reservation

3. Have a tour itinerary or get that sorted when you arrive your Hotel as most Hotels in Rwanda have tour arrangements.

Arriving Kigali International Airport

Upon arriving Rwanda, Just make sure you’re confident enough to answer questions asked by the Immigrations. Though not mandatory, it’s advisable you have Hotel Reservation, and Return Ticket before arriving Rwanda.

You do not pay Visa fee at the Immigration desk. Your Passport gets stamped if you are deemed eligible to visit Rwanda.

Also remember to have your Personal Travel Insurance (PTA) which should be 1,500USD and above if you want to enjoy your stay in Rwanda.

Remember to exchange your USD or any Internationally acceptable currency to Rwandan franc at the Exchange offices within the Airport or outside the Airport.

Entering into the City of Kigali

From Kigali International Airport, you can get a Taxi to your Hotel if your Hotel did not make provision for Airport Pickup. Many hotels in Rwanda will charge you minimum of 50 USD per day. These are the affordable hotels. There are Hotels and Airbnb for 200 USD and above daily. It’s your choice.

Breakfast is inclusive in the daily charge. You have the choice to eat elsewhere if you do not want the in-house breakfast.

Financial Implication

  1. Flight Taking Nigeria as an example, flight from Lagos or Abuja to Kigali is around 1,000USD
  2. Hotel/Airbnb Let’s say you stay in a Hotel or Apartment of 50USD daily, you would spend 700USD for a 2 weeks stay.
  3. Food, Drinks & Fun Lunch and Dinner with Alcohol and some daily fun may cost you 100 USD daily. So two weeks of that is another 1,400 USD.

So in total, traveling from Nigeria to Rwanda which is Visa free and spend 2 weeks will cost about 3,100 USD which is 2.3 Million Naira using 750 as exchange rate. Well, it looks expensive, but that’s the sacrifice to pay for building Travel History. So it’s quite understandable but funny when people budget relocating abroad with 2 Million Naira. In most cases, 2 Million Naira won’t even pay for return flight ticket to some countries.

While I understand the need to travel, (l’m NUMBER 1 Fan of relocating abroad), I do not advise except in some cases for anyone to sell properties to achieve that goal. Visa processing sometimes can be messy, and when you escape that by having visa, residing abroad can mess with your mind for a few months if not longer. You really have to prepare your mind for anything during application stage and when you arrive abroad.

I think I will be writing blogs on how to successfully excel in different Countries so as to guide prospective travelers. Should also in near future write on fun and historical places to visit in Rwanda.

Iweajunwa Princewill

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