The benefits of Obtaining a Kenya Work Permit: Citizenship Pathway

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If you are reading this article, it most likely means you are seriously considering moving to Kenya or have made your decision already but need more information to settle your mind about some issues concerning Permanent Residency and Citizenship.
Luckily, this article is right on time to help you all the way.There are different ways to relocate to Kenya, one such way, which is the easiest pathway, is through WORK PERMIT.
Let us briefly talk about the two common Work Permit categories:

Class D:(Employment)
This permit is issued to a person who is offered specific employment by a specific employer, the
government of Kenya, or any other person or authority under the control of the Government or
an approved technical aid scheme under the United Nations Organization or some other
approved Agency (not being an exempted person under section 34 (3), who is in possession of
skills or qualifications that are not available in Kenya and or whose engagement in that
employment will be of benefit to Kenya.

Class G: (Specific trade, business, or consultancy)
This permit which is popularly known as Investor Permit is issued to a person who intends to
engage, whether alone or in partnership, in a specific trade, business, consultancy, or profession
(other than a prescribed profession) in Kenya.

Why Kenya Work Permit?
As a foreigner, obtaining a work permit in Kenya can provide several benefits, including

Legal authorization: A work permit allows you to work legally in Kenya, which can help you
avoid penalties and fines for working without the proper authorization.

Employment opportunities: With a work permit, you can apply for jobs in Kenya that require
foreign expertise and qualifications, which can broaden your career options and increase your
earning potential.

Access to social services: As a legal worker in Kenya, you may be entitled to social services
such as healthcare, education, and housing.

Business opportunities: With a work permit, you can start a business in Kenya or invest in an
existing business, which can create job opportunities for locals and contribute to the country’s

Opportunity for long-term stay: A work permit can allow you to stay in Kenya for an extended
period, potentially leading to opportunities for residency or citizenship.

Cultural exchange: Working in Kenya can provide an opportunity to learn about the country’s
culture and traditions, and interact with people from diverse backgrounds.

Easy Visa Issuance: Foreigners who hold Kenya Work Permit are eligible and easily get visas to
top tier Countries like the United States of America, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and
other Countries. This is because Kenya has a strong influence and relationship with the
International Community. I am very sure this is the target of many persons who aspire to have
Kenya’s Work Permit.

Family Relocation: Families of holders of Kenya Work Permit can easily obtain papers to
relocate to Kenya and from Kenya to other Countries. This is a huge step up for many Citizens
from other African Countries.
Overall, obtaining a work permit as a foreigner in Kenya can provide several benefits that can
enhance your personal and professional growth, and contribute to the development of the
country’s econom

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